Comgás Case Study

Comgás is Brazil’s largest gas utility. They provide gas supply as well as

technical visits to support their customer base of 1.8m.

Comgás has been elected as the company that has achieved excellence in customer service in its area of operation.

As part of their expansion and improvement program they wanted to identify how voice automation could deliver a much reduced overhead, but also a far higher CX across every process they manage within their daily customer engagement.

Comgás approached Google seeking an effective solution to automate a broad range of complex interactions with its customers base.

The solution was seen by the company as a priority in order to improve the customers loyalty and reduce the costs deriving from the routine tasks, which would lead to the recruitment of new employees. This would have required the incurring of training costs (among the others) and time.

Sovran® VPA© was delivered in partnership with Google to address complex automation scenarios in Comgás.

Combining the power of Google Cloud and our proprietary NLP engine, our R&D team has delivered the broadest voice omni-channel solution ever attempted in the enterprise environment.

Never before, a Utility has delighted its customers with a solution capable of automating multiple tasks like those listed below.



Sovran® is an IP rich and innovative business designing, building and deploying AI driven voicebots to the global enterprise environment. Customers can speak to Sovran’s VPA© (Voice Powered Automation©) to solve multiple tasks, including the complex ones, engaging in conversations with the highest levels of recognition even in noisy environments.

Sovran® has developed a proprietary technology resulting in a service quality that other players are unable to replicate.

Sovran® solutions require no capex and minimum viable products are delivered within days.


Sovran® for Comgás

The Comgás objective was to automate a majority of their customer service and support via phone and chat. In just weeks, we were able to completely replace the original outdated IVR solution for our VPA© application to provide much higher customer experience and vastly reduced cost to operations. After the first few weeks Sovran’s (VPA©) had already surpassed the old solution, handling more than 10 self-service procedures, more than 20 FAQs and understanding more than a hundred reasons from the question How can I help you?


Described below is the process that Sovran’s Voice Powered Automation (VPA©) for Comgás Utility

In almost all self-service procedures (except for turning on the gas and changing the account holder), the user is first identified and authenticated, which can be done in three different ways: by national tax code, account number or by telephone number. If necessary for security reasons, it is possible to combine

these access keys, and to disambiguate the different installations that the same customer may have. After identification, the user’s name is confirmed, and the ticket number is given.

Self-services procedures

  • 2nd copy: If you are over the phone, the VPA© can send the 2nd copy to the customer’s email, dictate the barcode, and also send it by SMS. In the chat it is also possible to receive the PDF slip through the channel
  • Debt Consultation: In this process, if there are no pending debts, the client can receive the statement of non-existence of debts by e-mail. If so, the proposed solutions are like the 2nd copy
  • Meter reading: for customers who prefer to report their own reading or where the utility company is unable to access the meter of the property, it is possible to report it via the VPA©. In the text channel, the VPA© can also process and receive the meter image to confirm the reading
  • Connect and reconnect the gas: the most complex process among the self- services processes. It is divided into four large blocks:
    • address.
    • personal data.
    • equipment.
    • scheduling.

In the first block the VPA© identifies the address where the gas will be turned on and confirms the address of installation, for that it captures post code and house number.

After finding the installation, it is performed the step of capturing personal data, such as tax code, phone number and email.

In the next block, the VPA© establishes if it is only a gas connection or if it is also necessary to connect/convert some equipment, such as cooker, drier etc if so, the VPA© informs the customer of the prices and payment method.

Finally, in the last block, the VPA© dialogues with the customer to schedule

the gas connection on the best day and time for the customer.

  • Account holder change: like the process of turning on the gas, the account holder change process has the same steps as the previous one, but because the gas is already on, there is no service scheduling
  • Personal data changes: changes personal data such as email and contact phone
  • Schedule, reschedule or cancel technical visit: the experience here is offered end-to-end. The VPA© can schedule a technical visit for the customer. If later the customer can no longer be present on the date scheduled, they can reschedule the visit with the VPA© or even cancel the visit.
  • Instalment account: performs the instalment payment of the account and can negotiate with the customer what is the ideal instalment plan for the customer. The VPA© can understand responses such as “I want to pay in 5 instalments” or even “I want an instalment of up to £15”.
  • Change the method of receiving the bill: change the method of receiving the customer’s bill, by email or by mail.
  • Register, change and unsubscribe direct debit: the VPA© captures data such as bank, branch, account and/or tax code of the holder to register or change direct debits. In addition, it also performs the cancellations too.

Results and customer satisfaction

Since its inception, the VPA© handled more than 650.000 conversations for Comgás among chats and calls. Now, the VPA© handles more than 200.000 conversations per month.

In few weeks, 100% replacement of the original outdated IVR solution was achieved, alleviating overflow.

Ca. 65% of the survey respondents rates the solution for the end to end process 10 out of 10.

When the VPA© asks them the reason of their grade, the majority says “Fast and effective service”.

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