Enterprise AI Chatbots

Enterprise AI Chatbot

Customers are more demanding than ever when it comes to not only judging but reviewing their customer experience (CX). Conversational user experience is a collective term for chatbots, messenger bots, voicebots and assistants. The aim of CX with artificial intelligence advancements is that human computer-interaction, through speech-based technology, comes as close as feasibly possible to a human conversation.

Chatbots – Where do we stand today?

The technical basis for CX is created, among other things, by NLP (Natural Language Processing) and dialogue management in order to make the conversation as natural and efficient as possible. From matching intent matching to sentiment analysis – big players like Google, Microsoft and others are head to head with the development of better and more efficient models and methods. Neural networks emerge that come closer and closer to the human brain.

One of the best kept secrets is that agile, independent companies like Sovran AI are moving way beyond them in terms of natural conversation, functionality and practical applications of this cutting-edge technology.

Why is this relevant for your company?

The current possibilities are an interface between chatbots which can deal with questions and follow-up topics and contextual assistants (AKA voicebots), who, like humans, also respond to unexpected questions and understand conversation contexts and intent.

Companies that are already laying the cornerstone with chatbots and virtual assistants are preparing for the next step – and taking off. In addition to simplified customer service (maximising cost savings) and more effective customer retention, you can position yourself as an early mover in an ever expanding technological area.

The focus of CX is not only on the integration of new technologies but on relevant user benefits. An assistant embodies your company or your product in language and personality and enables users to quickly and personally experience the brand. Good conversational user-experience design, recognises user needs in all enterprise business areas and provides added value for companies and users at the same time.

What areas of application for Enterprise AI Chatbots are there?

A chatbot or voicebot primarily fulfils its service to the user if the task offers more relevance and added value and efficiency than the previous procedure, or the previous solution. The areas of application are endless and include recruiting, marketing, sales, support and helpdesk, HR and all aspects of customer services including both inbound and outbound calls.

The advantages are apparent:

  • Language is the most natural form of human communication. So whilst text based chatbots have their place, voice powered automation (VPA) is far more advanced.
  • Eliminate call waiting; achieve fast response times; provide 24/7 availability.
  • Generate leads through automated detection and forwarding. Yes, voicebots can and do generate revenue.
  • Personalised brand experience through human content, tailored to the user with intelligent dialogue creation.
  • Long-term savings through scalability, automation and self-service for fast and efficient handling of repetitive or complex tasks.
  • In the case of subject-specific expertise or upon request, it can be handed over to a human agent seamlessly with transcription and comprehensive notes for a more fluid CX.
  • Thanks to additional customer content and linked systems via APIs, it offers a unique and comprehensive service to customers.
  • User data and feedback surveys can be analysed to gain new and invaluable insights.


How can Sovran AI we help you?

We offer you a wide range of services and accompany you from start to finish with your project.

Strategy and vision

  • Requirements meeting
  • Needs analysis
  • Script and dialogue development
  • Concept development and review
  • Deployment

Conversational user experience

  • Personality and tonality
  • Personalisation
  • Intelligent dialogue creation and management
  • Conversational flow
  • Translation
  • User testing


  • Cloud based
  • Advice and support in the process – full omni channel integration


  • Project maintenance program
  • Instant review and tuning to the production environment
  • Coordination and Roadmap planning
  • Quality assurance and user feedback
  • KPI reporting and comprehensive dashboard for both operational and customer insights
  • Deployment

Depending upon your enterprise needs, this process can be done rapidly; we operate on a case by case basis taking into account your specific CX requirements, complexity and business flow but if you only need to integrate the voicebot technology into your existing PABX, this can be achieved in as little as 30-60 days.

Technological progress means that in the future, there will be more and more relevant user case scenarios within the Conversational UX, which will help to solve existing problems, optimise them or to show completely new solutions. We can help you with that.

New voice dialog system: enterprises help desk chatbot, EX and Contact Centres

By using the voicebot in a Customer Service Centre, employees are relieved of the mundanities surrounding repetitive, standard enquiries. This gives them more time for personal services that require direct contact with the customer, thus providing a better CX. You are not replacing your staff, you are upskilling them and increasing their value.

Voicebot convinces with natural language dialogue

What is special about the voicebot solution? The language model used to recognise the statements, is extremely intelligent.

Recognition, accuracy and depth of differentiation in speech vary significantly in quality from other dialogue systems. Services such as checking passwords, tracking sales logistics, creating and amending invoices and listing technical resolution steps can thus be processed automatically and carried out using established authentication methods.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether the customer attempting to initiate a transfer, says: “I want to find my order”, “I want to pay an invoice” or “can I settle my account”. Through widespread analysis of multiple possible statements, our voicebots can accurately identify and interpret the intended statement. Compared to the interactive voice-response processes previously used (which often sounded “robotic” and artificial), the human voicebot confirms with fluid, natural language therefore communicating through genuine human dialogue. Customers universally hate IVRs so now, with VPA, it can effectively be replaced.

Enterprise AI Chatbot

Chatbot Costs and ROI

Because phone traffic continues to increase, many businesses are faced with the challenge of finding a solution for the steady growth in the volume of telephony and associated costs, often necessitating outsourcing to external providers.

This is an area where early chatbots failed as the CX clearly demonstrated a far greater preference for voice than text-based chat.  At the same time, accessibility is a key service criterion for most enterprise-level businesses; existing voice dialogue systems have either been tried – and haven’t met the quality standards – or not pursued due to a lack of awareness of the advancements made in digital assistant technology.

Imagine having the option today, of presenting your customers with around the clock quality service with a Net Promoter Score – CX satisfaction measure – of greater (and often much higher) than 50%? Visualise what it could do for you, your employees and your business, being in a position to offer an innovative customer experience with the many associated advantages of an intelligent voicebot. Consider the benefits of being able to respond even better to customers and their differing needs; age and gender recognition can help to make the system even more secure for your more vulnerable customers, for example by the prevention of identity theft.

Voicebots, omni-channel & intelligent customer communication that can fit with your company’s business processes

Any large scale enterprise needs and uses different communication channels. These must be operated uniformly and efficiently and consolidated reporting must be created for all contact types.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is also expanding the spectrum of innovative customer services more and more. Service centres and all types of enterprise-level businesses should also map their business processes and contribute to differentiation from the competition.  There are many areas to consider such as: –

  • Pre-qualification with artificial intelligence
  • Bot scenarios and their use
  • Digital language assistance conversationally
  • Omni-channel and bot integration

Compared to previous customer service, virtual assistants can and do significantly optimise the Customer Experience (CX). Long conversations and waiting times are a thing of the past thanks to Conversational AI.

Customer service in helpdesks and contact centres is often seen negatively; customers are on hold; processing times can span weeks and the recurring disclosure of personal and business-specific information tests the patience of both customers and employees alike. The integration of virtual voice assistants in customer service delivery is where it is needed the most.

Chatbot and Voicebot Solutions

Chatbots and voicebots using NLP based AI, solve the current challenges of customer service. They process thousands of customer enquiries at the same time; answer concerns in real time; automatically access customer data; and use this information to answer new enquiries. With the use of Voice AI, enterprise companies can realise a significantly more efficient customer service. Due to the advancement of digitalisation, the use of virtual voice assistants in business processes is the next logical step.

Many new technologies fail at a certain point so they do not experience market entry; the situation is different for chatbots and voice AI however because, as many current examples show, they create real added value for companies. That is why they promote and demand the development of conversational AI.  The use of virtual voice assistants not only optimises the customer experience, but also reduces internal costs. Chatbots and voice assistants will inevitably prevail against websites, apps and conventional call centres.

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