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ISA (Intelligent Smart Assistant) virtual assistants
ISA (Intelligent Smart Assistant)

ISA (Intelligent Smart Assistant) is here to help. The smart PA to manage and route your internal and external calls

ISA (Intelligent Smart Assistant) Virtual Assistant is the new integrated solution for medium-sized and large companies, Public bodies, universities and, more generally, any business or organisation that wants to consolidate their competitiveness & focus on communication with customers – including potential ones – and attain a a close collaboration between employees as point of strengths.Thanks to ISA Virtual Assistant it is possible to let go the old calls management model adopting an innovative and advanced system where calls are managed in the best possible way, according to company’s needs and organisation. This is possible thanks to the perfect integration between ISA’s voice application and web interfaces.

We are talking about a fully automated integrated system that doesn’t increase the staff workload and it can be used 24/7.

Introducing ISA

Intelligent Smart Assistant (ISA) Key Features

ISA Virtual Assistant allows a considerable improvement in the uptime of the call centre or answering calls and chats, assisting effectively human operator’s activities.


ISA (Intelligent Smart

The first is our call centre revolutionizing Customised Conversational Artificial Intelligence virtual assistant.

ISA’s key features

  • Supports human operator’s activities and reduces workload
  • Instantaneous recognition of employee and status
  • Flexibility to use service where and when it suits
  • 24/7 fully service for advanced customer care
  • Reduces call wait time
  • Never left without an answer
  • Improve query resolution time


1 How Does ISA Work?

Very cleverly is the short answer! As this is proprietary technology we won’t give technology in too much detail but we have created something we call an Hybrid Language Engine:©.

This is a unique mix of rule-based NLP and a machine learning engine, it gives unparalleled accuracy and speed of design, with accurate results. ISA simply is set with what interactions you want it to handle and then it works from the cloud to deliver against the criteria you set.

2 How Much Does ISA Cost?

ISA has no capital expenditure attached to it, so don’t expect a large bill to get started using this ground breaking technology. We operate on what is called a cost per interaction model. We base this on a simple subscription for the service.

Depending on your expected call volumes we will set this rate with you. We are talking pennies not pounds! We just need to fairly price it for you based on the predicted number of engagements as it will impact the cost if you are taking 10-20 calls versus 10-20,000 calls. Contact us for a free, no obligation quote and to find out more.

3 Can I Change ISA To Answer Different / More Interactions?

Yes you can! ISA allows you to easily manage the flow of phone calls, thanks to the intuitive web interfaces. Log in and set it up to deal with calls and interactions and then log in and change it as and when you need to.

4 How Fast Can I Be Up and Running With ISA?

ISA is what we call self-managed so you are sent log in details to access your user dashboard and you can be up and running in a few minutes. How simple or complex you make ISA is up to you. You simply create what interactions you want ISA to handle.

5 Can ISA Just Handle Inbound Calls?

Not at all, ISA is a voicebot and a chatbot and so much more. It can notify you of incoming calls, it can pass calls to people in a directory, it can email, manage diaries and make bookings. ISA is an innovative integrated system that revolutionises the traditional calls management system, both incoming and outgoing.

6 I Would Like A Demo Of ISA

We will be adding some demo’s to our website so you can see this amazing technology in action and just get in touch and we can show you what and how it works.

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