The End of the Queue

A ‘new normal’ has left business leaders impatient for a voicebot that delivers on its promise. Sovran AI offers a hybrid solution

The catastrophic impact of Covid-19 revealed the risk to business posed by failed customer experience. In particular, call centres have been forced to evolve at an unprecedented rate. This new climate has seen a spiked interest in voicebot technology which can support human call handlers and optimise the customer experience.

A dearth of quality performance products means the potential of the voicebot market is estimated to be worth £22bn. However, the classic bot has a reputation for poor voice quality and a lack of common sense that leave customers feeling frustrated.

The next generation of ‘hybrid’ cognitive voicebots, created by tech start-up Sovran AI, blends linguistics with engineering to deliver conversations that are intelligent and responsive. Linguistic experts develop the speech patterns and identify a library of conversations by analysing hundreds of calls.

Sovran’s Voice Powered Automation, VPA©, distinguishes itself from its distant cousins Alexa and Siri through its ability to effectively manage complex dialogues and resolve issues typically assigned to customer service agents in a first line of support.

Sovran’s VPA© can be scaled from thousands to millions of customer calls. Clients from Sky in Brazil to Octotelematics in Italy are entirely managed by Sovran’s cognitive voicebot solution delivered either on the Cloud or on-prem. This frees their ‘hero’ human call handlers to spend more time with customers or redeploy to other projects.

The search for a human-like voicebot has been on for years, with tech pouring millions into research. The spike in customer calls across the utilities, health, insurance, retail and banking sectors during the pandemic has raised the stakes even higher for a fast, effective and tailored solution.

Sovran Chief Revenue Officer, Clive Elleforde says:

“We have had to prove beyond doubt that we can deliver as close to a human conversation as possible in a quarter of the time it takes our competitors. Luckily for us, our voicebot literally speaks for itself.”

Sovran’s customers benefit from no capital expenditure, fast implementation, higher customer satisfaction and reduced call times which help eliminate customer queues.

Clients and partners such as Sky* and Cisco report an unrivalled level of intelligence in the Sovran voicebot conversations. New clients are drawn to surging NPS scores, considered a barometer of customer satisfaction. Others are attracted to Sovran’s agile implementation and easy integration with other technologies.

Sky’s Service Director, Evani Montechesi notes consistently high customer satisfaction levels: “Sky’s virtual voice agent has managed to halve the service time,” she said.

The opportunity is not limited to the impact of the pandemic. The ‘new normal’ means organisations must be able to respond nimbly to changing needs. Covid-19 has accelerated rather than initiated the adoption of AI by business.

Clive Elleforde of Sovran AI says: “Our enterprise-grade voicebots are a game-changer for a broad range of sectors, not just those eager to maintain excellent customer experience ratings. With capability in multiple languages, we are looking to expand Sovran into further sectors and countries.”


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