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We have two proprietary solutions.

Leading Voicebot AI Business Solutions

For the modern enterprise, improving, and maintaining the customer/employee experience  is critical. We create voicebots capable of capturing complex, real-life conversation. And with no need for extensive training data, they deliver value from day one.

Both Intelligent Smart Assistant (ISA) and Voice Powered Automation (VPA) offer the ability to be available 24/7, both offer natural language engagement so you can make the most of real conversational AI. Both come with amazing features that make them truly flexible and versatile. This is not the future, with sovran, this technology is available now.


VPA (Voice Powered

The first is our call centre revolutionizing Customised Conversational Artificial Intelligence virtual assistant.

VPA’s benefits:

  • Where applied, our VPA improves the customer experience with NPS
  • Higher Net Promoter Score (NPS) enhances brand reputation
  • Significantly reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) through improved resource allocation

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ISA (Interactive Smart

The second is our Interactive Smart Attendant, or ISA, designed to enhance customer engagement and employee communication

ISA’s key features:

  • Supports human operator’s activities and reduces workload
  • Instantaneous recognition of employee and status
  • Flexibility to use service where and when it suits

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Voicebot AI Features & Benefits

A voicebot can work across multiple channels, chat, messenger, email and voice to name a few. This is a smart digital assistant that can answer simple questions by following set protocols through the complex AI language that learns rapidly. So whether you want to simply manage diaries or book restaurant tables or you prefer to replace your first line contact centre routine tasks, we have a solution that can be moulded to your exact needs.

  • Available 24/7 and 365 days a year
  • No human errors (late, tired or unmotivated staff stuck with repetitive tasks)
  • Redeploy agents to more meaningful tasks – more productive
  • Reduce call and wait times driving business efficiency and increasing ROI
  • Minimise or even remove customer infuriating IVRs
  • Available in multiple languages not just English
  • Noisy environments are not an issue with our Enhanced Audio Recognition (EAR)
  • Available as AIAAS (Cloud) or On Premise
  • We can deliver our standard out of the box ISA instantly and be up and running with our VA same day
  • VPA can be fully customised for your customer or employee experience in a maximum 120 days (as  complex as you need it to be with our expertise and support)

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