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Natural Language Processing


The future really is today and with the help of Natural Language Processing (NLP), chatbots and voice bots can automatically recognise inquiries, support users with the help of connected knowledge databases and can initiate transactions in company-internal.

Applications. Sometimes called transactional bots, digital virtual assistants or voice / chat bots, we simply call them ISA – your intelligent smart assistant.

You can now replace cumbersome and annoying IVR menus or provide automated information about standard inquiries.

Many companies are already using artificial intelligence to deepen digital customer interactions, to increase customer loyalty across channels or to efficiently increase the processing volume of tasks.


SME AI Solution Examples

Contact Center

Contact / Call Centre

In customer service, we are currently in a revolution in the use of AI. You can now remove repetitive tasks and assign them to your Intelligent Smart Assistant.
* Re-set passwords *Validate User ID *Update system Information *Confirm Meetings – the list of how ISA can help is endless.



The introduction of new technologies in the healthcare sector presents new opportunities to integrate ISA AI.
* Confirm Medical Services * Schedule Appointments with HCPs *Check medical results *Manage diaries *Send Patient reminders and more


Human Resources (HR)

Artificial intelligence can streamline work processes to help both your HR team and employees. Relieve your core HR staff of repetitive tasks.
*On-board new starters *Check holiday entitlement *Schedule appraisals *Organise meeting rooms and much more

Hotels & Restaurant

Restaurants & Hotels

Hotels and restaurants are high volume in terms of customer engagement and automation can help ease the pain and increase revenue. *Book rooms *Request Upgrades *Late / Automated Checkout and more

Estate Agents

Estate Agents

Estate agents when time is money ISA can help with sales, lettings and viewings. *Book viewings *Schedule valuations *Manage times for sellers & buyers *Updating your database

Parcel Tracking

Parcel Tracking

Artificial Intelligence helps by automatically bundling information about online orders and their delivery status. *Track Packages *Redirect Parcels *Request pricing and more

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