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The team behind the human voice in the voice bot space


When is a voicebot not a voicebot ? About us

When it has a warm, human quality. This was our dream – and now it’s reality.
Our story began in Milan where two visions merged. This resulted in an intersection between engineering and semantics that created a superior algorithm of language and math.

This unlikely blend of disciplines inspired the desire to bridge man and machine using the most natural interface of all – voice.

Over the years…

We’ve created a unique combination of know how and Natural Language Processing technologies to create realistic speech that has the nuance, tone and understanding of the way people converse.

It’s why we’re redefining the voicebot category to bring you natural Voice Powered Automation.

Leadership Team

The founding shareholders have invested in building out a
management team capable of driving the business through the next phase of growth



Walter is a co-founder and has been the CEO of Sovran since it started as an Italian company, forming BlueLab in 2008.  He has spent over 21 years in the speech recognition industry and started developing the technology behind Sovran after experiencing first-hand the limitations resulting from ordinary machine learning methodologies applied in speech recognition.



Giovanni joined Sovran in 2018 and was tasked to help the company develop its corporate strategy and governance.  He is responsible for ensuring the business infrastructure evolves as it goes through its next phase of growth. He brings skills in evaluating risks, developing risk mitigation strategies and corporate strategy.



Clive joined Sovran to lead the company’s growth strategy and revenue.  He has over 30yrs experience of B2B marketing and development, especially with scale-ups in the tech sectors. He has worked throughout the UK, EMEA and the US.  He commenced in the tech sector in the 90s, developing fraud prevention solutions to the banking and insurance sector, as well as language solutions and technology.


CTO Patrick is responsible for defining, implementing and ensuring the alignment of the IT strategy to the company’s strategic goals and also leads the company’s R&D team. Prior to Sovran, Patrick worked in technical roles at Unisys Brazil, Banco BBM, Datamec, Contax and Tata.


TECHNICAL DIRECTOR Marcelo is responsible for pre-sales,  bot solution architecture, the  preparation of technical proposals  and ensuring the company’s main  customer VBs are fully functional at  all times. He has extensive  experience in telecommunications,  having previously worked in technical  roles for NEC Brazil, NEC Japan,  Telecom Systems, nTime, MobWave  and BizVox.


SALES & MARKETING DIRECTOR Mateus is responsible for marketing  and sales at Sovran. He supports  Clive in working on the sales  strategy, customer experience and  improves various customer facing  technology platforms. Prior to joining  Sovran, Mateus began his career in  trade marketing at Danone in Brazil  and then shifted his focus to  restructuring companies in the  metallurgical domain to help them  diversify into new markets.


IT & R&D DIRECTOR Giovani is a co-founder and IT & R&D Director of Sovran and has been working alongside Walter since the beginning in 2008. He has been instrumental in developing the technology and trade secrets that give Sovran an edge over every other VB provider in the industry today.

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