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AI News CX Business Performance 23 Nov, 2021

Chaucer and Sovran AI announce strategic partnership

Chaucer and Sovran announce strategic partnership to leverage voice-bot technology for human-centric omnichannel transformation to optimise staff performance and boost customer experience

London, 23 November 2021 – Digital Transformation Consultant Chaucer, is delighted to announce its strategic partnership with human voice-powered automation (VPA©) experts Sovran AI.

The partnership combines Chaucer’s leading data-driven, human-centric AI expertise with Sovran’s world-class, next-gen, virtual agent technology to optimise customer experience (CX) and boost employee performance in previously uncharted territories.

Elodie de Fontenay, Data & AI Insight Partner at Chaucer, a Bip Group company said: “Working with Sovran marks an exciting step for Chaucer and is a natural fit for our clients’ businesses. It will allow us to develop unique propositions across new scenarios from protecting data and scaling up after a data breach, to training talent and of course engaging with customers in a timely and consistent manner. Together with Sovran we are boosting employee performance and optimising customer experience, it’s a win-win scenario for all.”

Clive Elleforde, CRO of Sovran said: “We are delighted about partnering with Chaucer at a time when we see a continual demand for voice-centric omnichannel solutions for the enterprise. For a long time, the industry was led to believe that implementing an augmentation of capabilities through virtual agent technology is something that would require years and £Millions in investment. We know that with Sovran, that is not the case and Chaucer is aligned with our vision of unlocking value with both customers and employees.”

The partnership between Chaucer and Sovran combines human-centric digital transformation and real-world voice-bot technologies to transform and improve customer experience, maximise employee buy-in, simplify adoption training, and accelerate cultural change.

About Chaucer, a Bip Group company: With over 30 years’ experience from helping the police to keep our streets safe, to supporting energy companies in their net zero journey, and pharmaceutical firms to research, develop, license, and distribute the latest medicines, Chaucer is daring to be different in its approach to solving today’s big challenges.
Experts in end-to-end digital transformation with specialists in cloud, innovation, design thinking, culture, data & AI, and strategy Chaucer delivers solutions that create a tangible legacy for business.
Together, with the collective power of Bip, there are over 3000 people delivering sustainable solutions that empower organisations, make a positive impact on society, and improve lives, globally.

About Sovran: With a proven portfolio of enterprise-grade solutions, Sovran® designs and delivers hyper-personalised virtual agents that process millions of inbound and outbound long calls. Organisations around the world have adopted Sovran® to augment their capabilities in customer services, achieving, within weeks, measurable improvements of their CX. Sovran’s VPA© services provide solutions to complex requirements across all verticals and processes, including data breach, compliance, Order to Cash and technical support.

Sovran AI: We’re the human voice in the voicebot space

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